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Envision Casting is one of the industry’s biggest music video and commercial casting companies, casting hundreds of music videos, movies, and commercials and working with over 90 directors and 70 producers. The music videos we have cast have over 70 billion views on YouTube alone and have won numerous Academy Awards, Golden Globe, and MTV music awards.

Envision Casting is a multipurpose and respected company that was founded in 2010 to match talented professionals with companies and their ideas and products.

Respect is essential at every level, according to our basic belief: respect for the company, its ideas, and goods; respect for the script; respect for the brilliant personnel; and respect for the ultimate product’s consumer. In a friendly, demanding, and dynamic atmosphere, we are committed to offering innovation and integrity.

Envision Casting has cast over 300 commercials and 400 music videos since 2010, working with the most creative professionals in the entertainment industry on projects that have won multiple MTV and Grammy awards.

On YouTube alone, Envision Casting has over 50 billion views. Being smarter and more productive has influenced our brand. We view any difficult conditions as a motivator and an opportunity to grow. We’d love to get down with you and talk about how your abilities, attitude, and experience match up with the many casting opportunities that come our way. For both you and Envision Casting, our shared commitment to one another may be rewarding. We guarantee quality and satisfaction, and we look forward to working with you in the future. 

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